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In Prototype and Essential Training, Joe Marini introduces the concepts and techniques for using Prototype and, two of the most popular open-source javascript libraries for building cross-browser, highly interactive, and visually appealing web sites. This course also covers installing each of the libraries and explaining their unique purposes, using simple CSS3 expressions to manipulate web content, working with events in a cross-browser way, and enhancing a real-world web site example to show different ways that the libraries can be used. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

* Retrieving and manipulating web page elements
* Extending javascript objects, strings, numbers and more
* Handling web page events and creating custom events
* Traversing the DOM
* Creating and handling AJAX requests
* Using controls such as Autocompleters, Sliders, and Visual Effects
* Building complex page features like data filtering and image rotators