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Adobe Encore CS5視頻教程 VTC.Adobe Encore CS5 英文版 CD

VTC出品的Adobe Encore CS5(視頻編輯軟件)教程.

主講:Mark Struthers

教程時長:長達8個小時. 共97個小節教學內容.



Adobe Encore

Adobe Encore CS5, part of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, is a versatile, interactive authoring tool you can use to deliver projects for DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or web DVD, which is a full-featured SWF file viewable with Adobe Flash Player.

軟件介紹:Adobe Encore

這是Adobe 公司推出的一款專業視頻製作軟件.Adobe Encore 最初的第一版叫Adobe Encore DVD 1.0,是一個為了相對更專業的製作DVD 的工具。第二版就是 Adobe Encore DVD 1.5。第三版才更名為 Adobe Encore CS3。 CS3 就不多言了,CS 系列作為Adobe 的創新工具套件早已深入人心,也一直在按版本號延續。而Encore 到第三版時已不能簡單的說是為了製作DVD 了,裡面含有高清藍光盤的編著及刻錄功能,還有Adobe 引以為豪的Flash 編碼輸出。因此Encore 作為單一冠名就此開始延續,到現在即為Adobe Encore CS4。到CS4 版,Encore 的功能進一步增強,像對Flash 文件的設置更為複雜,增加藍光光盤特有的彈出式菜單的設計製作,可以在Premiere Pro 沒有啟動的情況下,直接導入其序列進行DVD 或藍光的編碼與刻錄等等。 Adobe Encore 過去曾作為一款完全獨立的軟件存在,但從CS3 開始,Adobe 將其劃歸Premiere Pro 的附屬組件,因為取消了Premiere Pro 2.0 時代的DVD 編碼、設計與刻錄集成,Encore 已成為Premiere必不可少的一個輸出組件,但其更為專業與完善的設計功能,相對更獨立的架構,又使其仍可以單獨運行。 Encore 更像一款為了Premiere Pro 最終出版視頻產品的打包終端,其支持硬件刻錄的功能有著明顯的物理意義特性。這也是目前為止,它與Media Encoder 的一個很明顯的區別。


Adobe Encore CS5 is the sister program that combines with the professional, real-time, digital linear, timeline based video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to author finished projects to DVD or Blu-ray disc, or to Flash based websites. Its simplicity of use belies its powerful feature set that allows not only the creation of completed movies but also slideshow presentations. In this VTC project based course, you will not only learn essential theory behind DVD and Blu-ray disc creation, such as transcoding and bitrate budgeting, but you will also see a practical element in that you will learn how to create a project from inception to finished output. Additionally, related Encore CS5 programs such as Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Photoshop techniques are employed so that you can adapt your project to your specific requirements. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Introduction (06:00)
Encore Requirements (04:26)
Centralizing Assets (05:38)
Internet Resources (06:48)
Planning Projects (05:55)
Installation Tips (04:27)
New Features Overview (05:50)
Format Considerations pt. 1 (05:01)
Format Considerations pt. 2 (02:56)
Data Rates (04:54)
Bit Budgeting (03:02)
Aspect Ratio Overview pt. 1 (02:50)
Aspect Ratio Overview pt. 2 (04:29)
Frame Rates pt. 1 (03:27)
Frame Rates pt. 2 (04:12)
Timecode (06:41)
Set Up
Setting Up Encore (06:11)
New Project Creation (05:50)
User Interface pt. 1 (02:57)
User Interface pt. 2 (04:39)
Resource Central (06:04)
Workspaces pt. 1 (05:18)
Workspaces pt. 2 (02:33)
Transcoding pt. 1 (04:16)
Transcoding pt. 2 (03:45)
Transcode Adjustments (05:11)
Starting Up
Importing Your Assets (06:37)
Project Panel pt. 1 (05:56)
Project Panel pt. 2 (02:10)
Properties Panel (04:49)
Creating Timelines pt. 1 (03:16)
Creating Timelines pt. 2 (06:05)
Simple DVD Creation pt. 1 (04:12)
Simple DVD Creation pt. 2 (03:13)
Actions Explained (04:23)
Static or Motion Menus (05:16)
Metadata (06:57)
Tabs pt. 1 (05:47)
Tabs pt. 2 (05:58)
Blu-Ray Menu Overview (05:50)
Getting Moving
Dynamic Link (03:57)
Integrating Premiere Pro (05:29)
Integrating After Effects (05:34)
Using Soundbooth (05:53)
Looking at the Library pt. 1 (04:09)
Looking at the Library pt. 2 (03:10)
Custom Menu Overview (07:02)
Flowchart Introduction (05:38)
Adding to a Project (06:44)
Complex Project Links (04:15)
Preview Browser (06:40)
Preview Browser Adjustments (05:38)
Chapter Points pt. 1 (04:15)
Chapter Points pt. 2 (06:20)
Poster Frames (06:56)
Trimming Clips (06:55)
Menu Making
Menu Principles (04:57)
Making the Menu pt. 1 (03:47)
Making the Menu pt. 2 (03:53)
Making the Menu pt. 3 (02:56)
Animating Buttons and Menus pt. 1 (04:16)
Animating Buttons and Menus pt. 2 (03:18)
Changing Button Timing (06:02)
Menu View Function Buttons pt. 1 (05:06)
Menu View Function Buttons pt. 2 (02:24)
Analyzing Menu Templates (05:55)
Blu-Ray Menus (06:19)
Creating Blu-Ray Pop Up Menus (05:50)
Adapting Menu Buttons (06:10)
Replacing Menus (06:53)
Styling Text (06:04)
Formatting Text pt. 1 (03:52)
Formatting Text pt. 2 (03:41)
Using the Timeline (06:40)
Editing Assets from the Timeline (06:57)
Scale and Crop (07:00)
Correcting Canvas Problems (06:53)
Slideshow Set Up (06:08)
Creating a Simple Slideshow (06:04)
Preferences (05:24)
Transitions and Effects (05:24)
Slideshow Properties Tabs (06:24)
Transitions (06:46)
Adapting Effects (04:53)
Encore for Websites
How it Works (02:59)
Converting Menus (04:41)
Setting Up Weblinks (03:36)
Building the Site (05:29)
Inspecting the Site (05:08)
Testing and Building
Adding Audio to a Menu (02:51)
Using Subtitles (04:44)
Remote Control Buttons (03:29)
Easter Eggs (05:00)
Playlists (06:06)
Building the Project (05:17)
Wrap Up (01:33)
About the Author (01:02)