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Total training Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Training 英文版 DVD

Total Training 出品的由Dante Gagne主講時長1小時的Adobe Photoshop Elements 9。Chad Chelius主講,級別為初級與中級

學習使用圖層蒙板創建精美的分層照片,使用能自動修補的新工具spot healing brush修補和潤飾照片,以及怎樣輕松的上傳和分享你喜愛的照片至Facebook上。你還將了解如何創建令人難以置信的類似POP廣告藝術的拍攝效果,如何使用guided tool快速有趣的編輯,如何使用Photomerge拼接照片自動化圖像識別拼接技術。

Total Training for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9官方教程,Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 軟件集強大功能與簡易性于一身, 令普通照片變得與眾不同; 通過漂亮、充滿個性的制作述說一個個動人故事, 還可以打印或放在網絡上; 輕松查找并查看所有照片。

Chad Chelius是一位編輯、動畫師和教育家,同時也是一位Adobe認證專家,教學經驗豐富。通過本教程,將可以學習到使用Photoshop Elements 8編輯、整理、修正照片的最佳方法。該系列教程介紹了Photoshop Elements 7的全新功能 ,以及各項關鍵功能的探索。

Description: Total Training for Premiere Elements 9: What's New will introduce you to the key new features of this robust editing application. Presenter and veteran photographer Mike Gunter will start with an introduction to the new file types, then show you how to quickly and easily share your videos by posting them to Facebook or directly to the web as if they were a DVD. You'll also discover how to use the NewBlue Cartoonr Plus Effect to make your video look like a cartoon.

Finally, the audio lessons will teach you to edit your sound to give it a professional polish and how to use the NewBlue audio filters to fix and improve your audio quality.


Five new Features covered in this Title:
Discover Fun Edits - Lomo Camera Edits, Out of Bounds, Perfect Portraits, Pop Art, and Reflection
Learn how to use Layer masks
Upload your photos to Facebook
Use the Content aware spot healing brush
Photomerge & Match Styles on your favorite photos