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Pluralsight com Cross Platform Android and iOS Apps With Appcelerator Titanium 視頻教學

It can be difficult to build applications for iOS and Android,

because the two platforms are so different. Even though there

are many solutions today for cross platform development on these

platforms, many of the solutions either require you to use a

single non-native user interface or create your user interface

code multiple times. Appcelerator Titanium is an exciting way to

build truly native Android and iOS applications using JavaScript

which are able to reuse a large amount of code, even for the

user interface. In this course, I'll take you through the

process of getting setup with Appcelerator Titanium and fill you

in on all the details of how exactly Titanium works and why it

is so different than many other cross platform solutions.

Throughout this course, we'll actually build a real mobile

application that will run on both Android and iOS using

Appcelerator Titanium and along the way learn about the platform

and how to use it. We'll start off learning how to

programmatically create a cross platform user interface in

JavaScript and how to interact with the user interface and

respond to events like button clicks. Then, we'll learn a bit

about the different platform APIs that Titanium provides and how

to expand our app to take into account multiple screens. After

that, we'll learn about Alloy, a way to build Titanium

applications using XML markup and style sheets using an MVC or

Model View Controller approach, which can greatly simplify our

code and make it much easier to design an application. Finally,

in the last module, we'll tackle a few advanced concepts and

learn about the awesome Titanium Cloud API, which allows us to

create a full backend for our application without having to

install any databases or design any complex schemas. So, if you

are interested in cross platform application development and

you'd like to see how you can build truly cross platform native

applications using JavaScript, you'll definitely want to check

out this course.