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Luminar Flex 1.1.0 MacOS 照片編輯工具
Luminar Flex - 大多數照片編輯工具的新增功能,可用作插件,擴展或外部編輯器。Luminar Flex意味著如果您選擇堅持當前的工作流程,您仍然可以使用Luminar的AI技術和創意圖像編輯工具。Luminar Flex配有Accent AI,可以分析照片並在幾秒鐘內對顏色和色調進行調整。滑塊將讓攝影師根據個人品味回覆這些細節。Accent AI:“一次使用十幾個控件自動分析和修正照片。Accent AI可以替代幾種傳統控件,如陰影,高光,對比度等。可以把它想像成你點擊過的最好的自動按鈕,但你仍然保持控制。“

AI Sky Enhancer: “使用AI Sky Enhancer將灰色和無靈感的天空變成神奇的東西。通過自動檢測照片中的天空,AI Sky Enhancer進行必要的調整以增加色彩,清晰度和細節,從而可以通過一個滑塊增強室外圖像。

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Luminar Flex – A new addition for most photo editing tools that works as a plugin, extension, or external editor. Luminar Flex means that if you choose to stick with your current workflow, you can still use Luminar’s AI tech and creative image editing tools.

Luminar Flex comes with Accent AI, which analyzes photos and applies adjustments to like color and tone in seconds. The sliders will let photographers dial those details back based on personal taste.

Accent AI: “Automatically analyzes and corrects photographs using more than a dozen controls at once. Accent AI can be a great substitute for several traditional controls such as shadows, highlights, contrast and more. Think of it as the best Auto button you’ve ever clicked, but you still maintain control.”

The Luminar Flex works in the following host applications
• Photoshop
• Lightroom Classic CC
• Photoshop Elements
• Photos for macOS
• Apple Aperture

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit