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BeLight Art Text 3.2.6 Multilingual MacOSX Mac上優秀的藝術文字和圖標設計軟件
Art Text 是一款創造高質量文本圖像,標題、商標、圖標、網站元素和按鈕的OS X程序。由於支持多圖層,製造複雜圖形變得不費力。可將該程序創建的圖形應用於iWork,Microsoft Office、BeLight等應用程序,以及各種其他文本編輯和網頁設計程序。Art Text 是一款Mac上的圖標和文字設計製作軟件,這款軟件內置了大量的背景紋理和特效,能夠讓我們非常快速的製作出漂亮的圖標,相比專業的PS,Art Text可以說是「傻瓜式」操作,無需學習即可上手,只需要簡單的幾步就可以製作出專業的PS需要複雜的操作才能生成的效果,因此筆者經常用它製作按鈕、文字、圖標等,非常的好用!

這是一款Mac平台的字體和矢量圖形設計工具,它能創造高質量的文本圖像、標題、商標、圖標、網站元素和按鈕,輕鬆支持多圖層製造複雜圖形,可將創建的圖形應用於Apple iWork、iWeb,Microsoft Office、BeLight等應用軟件及其他各類文本編輯和網頁設計程序中。

BeLight Art Text 3.x Multilingual | macOS | 

Where Text Becomes an Art. Art Text is a Mac OS X application for creating high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web site elements and buttons. Thanks to multi layer support creating complex graphics is no sweat. Use the result with Apple iWork, iWeb, Microsoft Office, BeLight applications, and various other text edit and web design programs.


* Headings and other text graphics created with Art Text will make business presentations catchy.
* Attractive buttons and cool titles will make your web site look stylish and professional.
* Various logos and icons can be easily created to enrich your brochures, flyers and postcards.

Creative Headings
Whether you're an advertising manager or a small business owner, you'll find Art Text to be a powerful tool. Create compelling text for your advertisements, brochures, letterheads, newsletters and more. Spice up these documents by designing decorative graphics that are sure to impress others.

Striking Web Buttons and Icons
If you're creating a website for a business or your personal needs, Art Text has all of the tools you need. The 245 editable materials and 600 supplied vector icons and shapes will give you a quick start to getting your site up and running, or create your own web graphics effortlessly with the help of multiple layers.

Unique Logos for Your Business
A logo often creates a strong association with your business in the minds of customers. You want your logo to make a statement. Design your company's logo right in Art Text and make it unique by taking advantage of 100 additional fonts and the large library of shapes included in the program.


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