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Infinite Geometry 2.52 Retail + Portable 一款可以幫助你分析幾何問題的軟件
Infinite Geometry是一款可以幫助你分析幾何問題的軟件,你可以在軟件分析多種幾何問題,例如可以分析相鄰、外錯、內錯角、互補、連續的內部幾何、結構、線性等問題,並且軟件提供多種回答方式,用戶啟動軟件以後直接在界面選擇一個問題,隨後通過軟件的多項功能幫助你解決問題,例如將所有問題改為自由回答、把所有問題改為多項選擇題,並且可以將你的作業問題合併,從而生成一份完整的幾何問題報告!

Worksheets and assignments involving mathematical formulas and graphs can be quite time consuming when they are done manually, due to the large amount of details involved in their creation. In addition, the task gets even more complicated if you want to personalize them or include different question sets.

Quickly generate worksheets and add pre-made subjects

Infinite Geometry is a software utility designed to lend you a helping hand in the creation of geometry assignments and worksheets, by allowing you to quickly add and generate question sets regarding a wide variety of subjects. The available question sets can be either multiple choice-based, or allow the students to freely write their answers.

As far as the number of possible exercises, the applications provides you with more than enough options, each one with multiple difficulty levels, the complexity of which can be manually changed according to your necessities. In addition, you can also customize the text body of every question, although the values are not editable. Despite that, the utility is able to quickly generate more samples with random values.

Choose subjects from different categories and print the results

In order to bring variety to the assignments, you can choose from a wide variety of categories, involving angle calculations, congruence and geometry-related equations. Each category holds a hefty number of possible question sets, which in turn can be automatically generated from the provided samples.

After the worksheets are completed, they can be personalized with the desired names, dates and headings, as well as saved to your computer for future use. As expected, they can also be printed on paper, so that you can easily distribute them to your students. The printing options allow you to include the answers as well and variate the copies by scrambling the multiple choice questions.

In conclusion

Thanks to the extensive list of available question sets and the ability to scramble, randomize and generate the sheets, Infinite Geometry offers you a quick and reliable way of creating quizzes and assignments for your students. Moreover, you can easily navigate around the application and make use of its functions, thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


Unlimited Questions
Once you have created an assignment, you can regenerate all of its questions with a single click. The new questions will conform to the same parameters as the original questions, but they will be completely new. This feature is at the heart of our software and is what makes it so powerful: you choose the properties of the questions, not the questions themselves. When a question is replaced, you get a new one that is similar to the original question. How it works.

You can regenerate entire assignments, particular question groups, or individual questions.

Easy Spacing
Respace the entire assignment to the desired length with one click. Easily give your students enough room to show their work by increasing the spacing. Or you can save paper by decreasing the spacing.

Spacing can also be controlled manually.

Presentation Mode
Very useful as a teaching aid when used in combination with an LCD projector or other display system. One to four questions at a time are shown on the screen.

Use this feature while you teach. Prepare your examples with the software, and then use a projector to display the questions on the board. This saves time during planning and during the lesson, and it makes it very easy to present long questions or questions with graphs and diagrams.
With one question displayed, you can:

Change the zoom level -- so students in the back can read it
Draw lines beside the question to help you organize your work if you solve the question
Jump to another question -- useful while reviewing homework
Reveal the answer
Show / hide the question number and the directions.

Multiple-Version Printing
Print multiple versions of an assignment. You control how each new version is created: scramble the choices, scramble the questions, or make completely new questions. You can also save each new version after it is created. Print multiple versions

Scale Assignment
Proportionally increase or decrease the number of questions in the assignment. This is very useful when planning a lesson. You can create a few questions to use as examples, and then scale up the number of question to create a homework assignment. The questions on the homework will be completely new, yet follow precisely from the lesson--and you don't need to design the questions again.

Export Questions
Export questions as bitmap images and paste them into your favorite word processing software. Questions created with our products can be added to existing assignments you have created with other programs. Or you can freshen old assignments by replacing old questions with new ones.

All questions are available for export.

Good Multiple-Choice Questions
Every question you create can be toggled between free-response and multiple-choice format. Multiple-choice questions come with smart, potentially misleading choices. Some are based on common mistakes students make while others are just random but near the correct answer.

You control the number of choices each question has, from two to five.

Merge Assignments
Merge two or more assignments into one. Easily create quizzes, tests, and reviews by merging the assignments from the unit and then scaling the total to an appropriate length. The questions will be new while following exactly from what you taught. Merge

Diagrams Drawn to Scale
Diagrams are all accurately drawn, except if the answer would be given away. If an angle is labeled as 30°, then it really is 30°. If a triangle's sides are labeled 3, 4, and 5, then its lengths truly are in a 3:4:5 ratio. Seeing accurate diagrams helps students gain an intuitive understanding of angles and measurements.

When you print an assignment, you choose how the answers are reported:

On an answer sheet
On an answer sheet with just the odds
In context (next to or within the question)
No answer sheet

Graphing Graphing and Graph Paper Utility
Supplement your lessons with high-quality graphs and graph paper of any size. Each graph can have zero to two functions graphed on it. Graphs can be of any logical and physical size. You can also tile graphs across the page to maximize your paper use.

Custom Directions and Custom Questions
Enter your own directions to create new types of problems. Shown on the left was a standard order of operations question that has been modified to be more analytical. You can alter the directions on any question type.

From time to time, you will need to enter your own question. That's what custom questions are for. They can be either free response or multiple-choice and can contain math formatted text (equations, expressions, etc).

Custom Questions and Directions
Modify Automatically-Generated Questions
Most automatically-generated questions can be modified manually. If there is a choice you don't like, you can change it. If you wish a question was slightly different, you can change it.

Paper Size and Margins
Print assignments on any sized paper that your printer supports. If you decide to print an assignment on legal-sized paper, no problem. The questions will automatically be repositioned for you--no cutting and pasting the assignment back together just to use a different paper size. You also have control over the margins, page numbering, and paper orientation.
Whats New:

Fixed: Archived courses in Kuta Works are now hidden
Fixed: Generating or regenerating questions could cause a crash