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AnyMP4 DVD Copy 3.1.30 Multilingual 一款非常專業強大的DVD拷貝軟件
AnyMP4 DVD Copy是一款非常專業強大的DVD拷貝軟件,可以幫助用戶在電腦上複製你的DVD內容,方便您建立備份,支持刻錄功能,可以將DVD文件夾內容刻錄到DVD,也可以選擇保存為ISO,從而方便你以ISO執行刻錄,本軟件功能很多,能夠做到真正的以1:1的比例將你的電影複製到DVD,以及壓縮DVD-9到DVD-5、複製DVD到DVD文件夾或ISO文件等,並且整個過程中,始終能夠保持質量的完美。當然除DVD備份功能外,它還可以將本地DVD文件夾或ISO映像文件刻錄到DVD光盤。使用軟件時,具有高度靈活的選擇,你可以選擇要複製的完整光盤或主電影,也可以選擇要複製的任何標題。而且軟件擁有全拷貝、主電影和自定義三種模式,複印速度快,操作方便,只需要簡單的步驟就可以複製和備份你的DVD光盤形式的ISO文件或DVD文件夾在你的PC上。

AnyMP4 DVD Copy 3. Multilingual | 

Many DVD fans wonder if there's one way to move DVD movies from DVD disc to their PCs. AnyMP4 DVD Copy is designed to solve this problem with its powerful and efficient techniques to help copy, clone and backup DVD movies to PC.

This software can help you clone your DVD disc to your PC, copy your DVD movies to DVD-5 or DVD-9 disc, and burn DVD folders and ISO files to DVD disc with fast speed and high quality. Don't forget to try other featured functions such as audio track and subtitle selection, and watermark adding.

Copy DVD to DVD disc
AnyMP4 DVD Copy helps you clone your DVD-5 to DVD-5 disc, DVD-9 to DVD-9 disc in 1:1 ratio, and clone DVD-9 to DVD-5 disc with impressive video quality.

Copy DVD movies to PC
This software enables you to back DVD contents. You can backup DVD movie, folder and ISO image file to your PC with incredible speed.

DVD folder or ISO burning
Not only DVD movie, DVD folder and ISO image file can also be burnt to your DVD disc.

Preview and snapshot
Afraid of making mistakes? Use the built-in player to contrast the quality of the original DVD movie, and the output one.

Watermark adding
With the Watermark function you can easily add your unique mark to the burnt DVD file.

Audio track and subtitle selection
If you are not content with the original audio track, use AnyMP4 DVD Copy to choose your preferred audio track. You are also allowed to add downloaded subtitle to the video file.

File selection
If you only need to clone the main movie in the DVD disc, use this software to select and clone it, without cloning all the special features, intros, trailer and ads at the same time.

Include or skip menu
By selecting the check box, you can easily include or skip menu according to your preferences.

High copy speed
AnyMP4 DVD Copy is able to conduct the task with 400% speed, with the help of dual-core CPUs.

Easy to use
Built with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, AnyMP4 DVD Copy is easy for anyone to use.

Support all kinds of DVD discs
AnyMP4 DVD Copy is compatible with DVD+-R/RW, DVD-RAM, most DVD players and burners, and Dual Layer 8.5GB disc.

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