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DBConvert for MSSQL and DB2 2.1.1 將DB2轉換為MS SQL的程序
DBConvert for MSSQL and DB2是一個有效允許您輕鬆地將DB2轉換為MS SQL的程序,反之亦然,由於IBM DB2支持高端跨平台數據服務器,可以安裝在不同的平台上,包括Windows,Linux和OS / 2,它是一個全面的數據安全解決方案,並且無論您是數據庫管理員還是開發人員,都可以輕鬆管理。也為每種類型的數據庫對象提供幾乎完全壓縮,包括表,索引,臨時表,日誌文件,備份映像和XML文檔。DBConvert for MSSQL and DB2可以達到最大可能的轉換速度,因此可以節省您在數據庫轉換方面的時間,用戶友好的界面和廣泛的功能可以幫助您減少轉換所需的手動工作,快速,專業地完成工作。如果您需要在異構環境中傳輸數據庫或在不同平台之間同步數據,本工具將以最少的工作量最短的時間自動完成工作。比較貼心的是,軟件在使用方面提供了嚮導式操作,所以即使你沒有專業的經驗也能夠完成操作。

Use our software for a seamless data migration or sync from any Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Azure SQL database to an IBM DB2 server. It is easy to use and effective. Our solution can convert and synchronize your whole dataset from MS SQL Server to an IBM DB2 target in just a few steps.

To perform a partial data transfer use our integrated data filters that are very useful when you need to convert/ sync only discrete tables. This is also useful for a partial data replication when you need to move, delete or insert only modified records.
Our applications reach the maximum possible conversion speeds so it saves your time and effort on the database transformation. A user-friendly interface and a wide range of features assist you by reducing manual efforts required for your conversion, getting your jobs done quickly and professionally.

Why convert data from MS SQL Server to IBM DB2?
So if you need to transfer databases in a heterogeneous environment or sync data between different platforms our solution will do the job automatically with minimum effort from you.
Built-in scheduler helps you to run any your task at a time that suits your preference.

Product Highlights
Speed conversion with Bulk and Quantization features
Views conversion from MS SQL to MySQL and Oracle and back support
Bi-directional synchronization between MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
Speed conversion with Bulk and Quantization features
Saving data into a MS SQL Dump for export to MS SQL database
MS SQL Server (Express) 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014, SQL Azure support
Ability to select TCP/IP, PIPE, IPX/SPX communications protocols
Amazon RDS SQL Server DB Instance support
DB2 v.9.7 and higher
MS SQL schemes support

Interface languages
English German French Spanish Italian Danish Chinese Russian Portuguese Polish Greek Bahasa

Product Requirements
Necessary privileges to write into database on the target MS SQL server (this requirement is optional as there is an option to overcome the restrictions using dump file)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 Redistributable package
Necessary privileges to write into empty database on the target DB2 server
If you connect to remote DB2 server that IBM Data Server Client should be installed on the machine where our tool is installed.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.