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Ashampoo Photo Converter 2.0.0 Multilingual 一款圖片轉換軟件
Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 是處理圖像的瑞士軍刀。不再需要從成堆的照片出手工篩選了,Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 能一次性處理整個影集,無論是 1 張還是 1000 張圖片。

為什麼選 Ashampoo Photo Converter 2?
... 輕量!
Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 所需系統資源非常少,讓其無論在新機器還是在舊機器上都運行流暢。(多核處理器支持)

… 快!
生成結果快。Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 有著簡潔的用戶界面,您可以在幾秒內看到修改效果。

… 萬能!
轉換、排列、調整大小或是應用複雜的顏色處理 ... 不用現再買昂貴的圖像編輯程序,Ashampoo Photo Converter 就能處理這些常用的圖像處理任務,而且還使用簡單。

Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 is our Swiss army knife to process your photos. No more manual sifting through heaps of photos, Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 processes entire collections in one go, whether it be 1 or 1000 files.

Why Ashampoo Photo Converter 2?

... lightweight!
Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 requires very little system resources which makes it ideal for both current (multi-core support) and older machines.

… fast!
Get results quickly. With Ashampoo Photo Converter's no-frills user interface, you will see results in a matter of seconds.

… versatile!
Convert, align, resize or apply sophisticated color manipulations ... There is no need for expensive image editors because Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 covers all these common image tasks with ease.

New in Ashampoo Photo Converter 2
Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 our most comprehensive image converter ever! Our developers were able to greatly enhance the feature set while keeping the user interface well-structured.

User Interface
No more trial and error. Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 features a live preview, enabling you to freely experiment with the multitude of available features.

Spare yourself the hassle of finetuning colors and contrasts and let Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 auto-determine the best settings for each of your images. And with "Clean Skin", compression artefacts are a thing of the past.

Enhanced Color Manipulation
Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 gives you access to more sophisticated color parameters such as color temperature, hue and saturation.

Artistic Effects
Let your imagination run wild with a myriad of artistic effects including Prencil Drawing, Sepia and Oil Painting. The built-in preview provides immediate feedback so feel free to explore.

Auto-Insert EXIF Date
Modern digital cameras store additional information such as the time an image was taken with each image file. Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 can auto-insert the creation dates into your images to help you keep track of your photos.