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Individual Software Professor Teaches Access 2019 v1.0 計算機培訓課程
Teaches Access 2019教授是一門由專家開發的計算機培訓課程,使用現實世界的設置和精確的模擬來幫助您將新知識直接應用於日常任務,並且所獲得的知識將成為生命的財富。可以幫助您學習Access 2019的功能。與其他培訓課程不同,teaches教授提供了該軟件的逼真的模擬,因此您可以立即練習和應用所學內容。獲得數據庫知識並學習如何設計表。通過Professor Teaches培訓學習Access 2019的所有功能。探索如何使用數據庫知識來跟蹤和分析信息,學習創建有意義的報告並分享有價值的信息以及學習將信息導出為網頁!

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Professor Teaches Access 2019 is a computer training course developed by experts to help you learn the features of Access 2019. Unlike other training courses, Professor Teaches provides a realistic simulation of the software, so you can practice and apply what you learn right away. Learn Microsoft Access 2019 with hours of interactive training lessons and exercises.

What Is Microsoft Access 2019?
Microsoft Access is a database management system and is a part of Microsoft Office. Learn the features of the latest version of this powerful program that allows users to store and track large amounts of data, and analyze the data for various applications.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Access 2019?
- Discover how to use database knowledge to track and analyze information
- Learn to create meaningful reports and share valuable information
- Learn to export information as a web page

What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Access 2019:
Our extensive computer training course will cover the following topics:

- Learn how to create databases
- Learn how to update records
- Learn how to use table wizards
- Learn how to work with queries
- Learn how to create calculated fields
- Learn how to join tables............

System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • Average 450 MB Hard Drive space available per application • 1280 x 768, 16-Bit Color Display Recommended • Sound card • Mouse • Speakers or headphones