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Cadence SIGCLARITY v19.00.000-2019 x64 為提升您的工作效率,減少成本資源浪費帶來強大的助力
Cadence SIGCLARITY2019是功能強大的Cadence公司一體化解決方案,安裝完成後將為大家帶來Clarity 3D Layout、Clarity 3D 、CelsiusWorkbench、Sigrity Suite Manager等幾個程序,可供大家快速開始相關工作,其界面都非常的直觀,為提升您的工作效率,減少成本資源浪費帶來強大的助力,軟件的安裝破解步驟比較多,有些麻煩,可能需要多嘗試幾次,本次帶來最新Cadence SIGCLARITY2019破解版,含破解文件和安裝激活教程,有這方面需要的朋友不要錯過了!

x64 | Languages:English | 
Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tool for designing critical interconnects for PCBs, IC packages, and system on IC (SoIC) designs. The Clarity 3D Solver lets you tackle the most complex electromagnetic (EM) challenges when designing systems for 5G, automotive, high-performance computing (HPC), and machine learning applications with gold-standard accuracy.

Industry-leading Cadence distributed multiprocessing technology enables the Clarity 3D Solver to deliver virtually unlimited capacity and 10X speed required to efficiently and effectively address these larger and more complex structures. It creates highly accurate S-parameter models for use in signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) analysis, enabling simulation results that match lab measurement, even at 112Gbps+ data transfer speeds. The Clarity 3D Solver can solve the true 3D structure by efficiently matching the available computing resources to the size of the design.

Save Design Time with Parallelization
Historically, large structures have been manually cut up into smaller structures for analysis using the largest and most powerful computing resources. No more. We designed the Clarity 3D Solver from the ground up to take advantage of your multi-core compute resources by parallelizing the mathematical tasks required to solve for 3D structures. The tasks can be parallelized within one computer’s cores or across multiple computers, cutting the time to solve for complex structures by 10X and even more.

Industry-leading parallelization technology ensures that both meshing and frequency sweeping can be partitioned and parallelized across as many computers, computer configurations, and cores as are available. The amount of time required to solve is scalable based on the number of computer cores. If a user can double the number of computer cores, performance will be nearly doubled as well.

-Enhanced usability: Automatically matches computing resources available to the structure being solved, so 3D experts and non-3D experts can get accurate results in a timely manner
-Breakthrough parallelization: Allows engineering managers more flexibility when budgeting for computer configurations required for 3D simulation
-Flexibility: Brings true 3D analysis to any engineer with either desktop, on- premises, or cloud HPC resources
-Maximizing resources: No fear of early termination due to computer resources being fully consumed if only a small number of cores is available
-Available to users of all design platforms: Easily reads design data from all standard chip, IC package, and PCB platforms
-Integrated 3D solutions: Easily integrate with Cadence’s SiP Layout, Virtuoso®, and Allegro® platforms to optimize in the analysis tool and implement in the design tool without being redrawn
-Model EM interface: Merge mechanical structures such as cables and connectors with their system design and model an EM interface as a single model

Key Benefits
-Up to 10X faster than legacy 3D field solvers while maintaining gold-standard accuracy
-Up to 10X capacity enables true 3D model analysis
-Architecture runs on hundreds of CPUs optimized for both cloud and on-premises distributed computing
-Easily reads design data from all standard chip, PCB, and IC package platforms and offers unique integration with Cadence implementation platforms

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 7 all versions (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 2012 Server (All service packs), Windows 2016 Server (All service packs).
Note:Note: Clarity 3D Solver and Celsius with Hyper-V are not supported on Windows 7.
CPU:Intel® Core™ i7 4.30 GHz or AMD Ryzen™ 7 4.30 GHz with at least 4 cores
RAM:8 GB RAM / 64 GB RAM or higher
Space:50 GB free disk space / 500 GB free disk space SSD is recommended for primary operating system (OS) and simulation working directory
Internet:Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9.0 or later
Display:1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (16bit color) / Large monitor (or two) with Full HD resolution or higher
GPU:Dedicated graphics card with 1 GB video memory or higher