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Zip Password Recover Zip密碼恢復軟件
Zip Password Recover是優秀的zip密碼恢復解決方案,如果您因為忘記密碼而無法打開文件的話,可以使用本工具來找回您丟失的密碼,並且過程非常簡單,您可以根據情況選擇3種攻擊類型來搞定或者複雜或者超級長的密碼,並且恢復速度優勢非常的快,並提供一系列的選項供您選擇,在安全方面,您也完全不用擔心,支持無損恢復,不會對您的文件造成任何的損傷,並且使用軟件的話,您還不需要任何的專業知識和技巧,非常不錯。

Zip Password Recover software empowers you to recover the forgotten password for Zip(.zip) files. Carefully designed and super easy to use. No any professional skills required to use this software. With this Zip password recovery expert, you can recover any possible password for the encrypted Zip files while keeping your file data safe and secure. With our optimized technology, it could run smoothly in all kinds of computer systems.

• Dictionary Attack
With our in-built password dictionary, you can remove the Zip protection immediately. What’s more, you can also build your own dictionary, which will make the recovery process as fast as possible.
• Mask Attack
Provide some clues to make the Zip password recovery process faster. If you can remember any part of the password, you can configure the length, capital, and charsets, etc.
• Brute Force Attack
Can not remember anything about the password? Try Brute Force Attack. It will take a longer time but with the help of Multi-Core and Multi-Threading technology, the time will be reduced considerably.

Amazing Recovery Speed
Powered by our Multi-Core and Multi-Threading technology, Zip Password Recover provides the marvelous recovery speed. No need to worry about the devices and computer systems you are using.

Advanced Options
Zip Password Recover software provides useful options for you to make the Zip password recovery process easier. You can get more benefits from the recovery tool and save you time.

• Force letters to lowercase
• Force letters to UPPERCASE
• Force letters to Titlecase
• Remove all whitespace
• Initial password length
• Password sweep direction
• ASCII characters configuration
• Specifiy unicode chars setting
Release Notes

• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
Operating System: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (32bit/64bit)