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自動備份軟件 Genie Timeline Professional V2.1.0.038 英文版 CD

Genie TimeLine是一款時間機器自動備份軟件。可以按時間計劃自動備份/還原重要的郵件Outlook、收藏夾、通訊簿、字體,還有音樂文件、視頻、圖片、文檔、文件和文件夾,它能備份您所指定的任何文件。

Genie Timeline – Time Machine for Windows - saves past versions of your documents every half hour so if you ever overwrite a document simply go back in time and retrieve any file you need just as it was before. Genie Timeline frequently keeps a collection of your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year.

If you've ever deleted a file by mistake, you can quickly restore it to its original location by using right-click -> restore. In addition, simply right-click a file and add to your backup plan and it's automatically scanned for any changes and included in the backup.

The setup process is almost completely automatic. When first setting up Genie Timeline, it predefines what data should be included in the backup and recommends what drives are best used as a backup destination.

With Genie Timeline, your data is accessible through Windows Explorer where you can view your files at any timeframe even when your backup drive is not connected. By connecting your drive, you can easily restore your data directly from Explorer.

No more backup schedules. Once you first setup Genie Timeline, important documents, photos, and music files are continuously monitored for changes and automatically backed up.

Working as a time machine for Windows, Genie Timeline allows you to go back in time in search of your lost files and see exactly how your computer looked on the dates you're browsing. Select a specific date, search for the exact file you' re looking for and restore to the present.