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windows small business server 2008 standard and premium with windows server 2008 sp2 x64 簡體中文 DVD

Before dismissing this as a licensing issue and not a bug please understand that this is INDEED a big in that it should NOT be happening this way. More of a licensing bug I guess, but a bug none the less. So here's the problem, we bought "SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition for Small Business" and on the packaging (the actual DVD box) it says it install on Windows Server 2008 Standard.

So, we have a brand new Dell server that has Windows Server 2008 Standard X64 with Service Pack 2 (fresh install). When we install SQL the setup fails with "Operating system supported for this edition" so we found on here (and other areas) that SQL 2008 Standard for Small Business wants to be installed on Windows Small Business Server. I've seen several other posts on this subject but most seem to end in "join your SB domain" which isn't an option for us.

If you look at the requirements here... similar posts point out, it will work on Windows 2008 Standard IF the server is connected to a small business domain. But we have only this one single server, it's not part of a domain, is not a domain controller, and we don't have a small business server to connect to.

But that "domain" requirement is NOT AT ALL mentioned on the DVD box for the SQL software, if it was I would have returned it before opening it. So, is there ANY way to install SQL Server 2008 Standard for Small Business on Windows Server 2008 standard?