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Nektar Technology Bolt v1.0.0 MacOSX-虛擬諧波合成器插件
Nektar Bolt是一款非常不錯的的虛擬諧波合成器插件。您是不是在尋找好用的音頻處理工具嗎?不妨來試試小編推薦的Nektar Bolt 。該款插件採用了一種新的合成形式,具有獨特的聲音特性和直觀的用戶界面,而且還支持多種採樣率,使用起來超級的方便,而且速度非常快,並且發出的聲音很舒服.

Bolt is Nektar's first foray into the world of virtual instruments. It employs a new form of synthesis with unique sonic character and intuitive user interface.
Bolt enables a different and fast approach to sound design with an unusually organic and warm sonic character. Harmonics Synthesis generates and shapes the sound directly in the oscillator: It doesn't require the dedicated filter section typically found on subtractive synthesizers. By turning just one knob, a wave's shape can be changed from dark and subtle to bright and overtone-rich.

Harmonics Synthesis is based on the MSO (multi sine oscillator) concept by Professor Dr. Udo Zoelzer of Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germany. Mr Zoelzer is a scientist with decades of experience in digital signal processing and a passion for audio and synthesis. Over the last two years, the university and Nektar have collaborated on developing MSO into a full-blown synthesis engine.

• Unique new Harmonics Synthesis
• 4 oscillators (2 main, 2 sub)
• White noise generator per oscillator
• Unison Voice Double: Stack up to 4 instances
• Frequency modulation (FM)
• X-Mod: cross-modulation
• Overdrive stage for each oscillator
• ADSR envelope per oscillator
• 1 Modulation envelope generator
• 3 LFOs (13 waveforms & MIDI sync)
• 4 modulation targets per source (LFO 1-3, Mod EG)
• 4 FX processors: EQ, Chorus, Delay & Reverb
• Support for multiple sample rates
• Automatic 2-stage protection limiter
• Up to 16 voice polyphony
• Poly and mono modes
• 500+ Factory and Artist patches included

Whats New :
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