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Disk Xray 2.7.27021 MacOSX-磁盤優化和重複文件查找工具
Disk Xray可以在Mac上查看磁盤使用情況,還可以查找重複文件和文件夾以及清理。它執行三個基本功能,並且執行得非常好。它還為您提供最大的安全性,如果您意外刪除了某些內容,則還原所有文件。

無論是整個硬盤還是子文件夾,Disk Xray提供磁盤空間使用位置的詳細排序。一目瞭然,您可以通過連續向下查看取來識別哪些文件夾是空文件以及它們中的內容。


Disk Xray is a disk usage statistics viewer, duplicate files and folders finder and cleanup tool for macOS. Disk Xray performs three fundamental functions - and it performs them well offering maximum security to restore all files in case you remove something accidentally.

Why choose Disk Xray:
• Quick and efficient folder scanner finds duplicates much quicker than competition
• Displays scan results in a clean, elegant and easy to understand way
• Finds folder duplicates
• Essential search options easy accessible from the main window
• Find results divided by file type (music, movies, pictures, etc)
• Three in one application for everything you need to maintain your disk drives

1. Folder scanner is a visual disk/folder analyser that enables you to spot large files and folders on your disk - be it an entire hard disk or a subfolder, and provide a sorted breakdown of just where your disk space is being used. At a glance you can identify which folders are the space hogs and just what is in them by successively drilling down.

2. Duplicate Files Detector frees up disk space by finding and deleting duplicate files and folders, giving you a chance to recover gigabytes of your disk space. This scan can reveal just how many copies of the same document, photo or other type of file you have saved, scattered through your disk. All duplicate files are checked byte-by-byte to give you 100% guarantee they are exact copies.

3. Disk Cleaner speeds up your computer and by finding and removing temporary files on your computer. This includes the obvious choices of the Trash and Downloads folder, as well as locations you may not otherwise think to purge or even know where to find such as application logs, web browser caches and cookies, application caches and an ever-growing list of email attachments stored locally but never cleaned. It can also be set to find all large files on your disk. Decide how old the files you want to remove are, from one week to one month or one year.

Disk Cleaner and Duplicates Finder allows you to restore all files in case you remove something accidentally. You can move items to the Trash from within the app, with a menu option giving the safeguard of undoing this action if you make a mistake.

What's new in Disk Xray 2.5.2 
This update contains stability and performance improvements.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

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