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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium v18.0.1.213 x64
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 這是最受歡迎的家庭視頻軟件!是編輯屏幕樣式以及專業人士的最佳選擇,並且簡單易用的功能使得該軟件成為想要轉換未經加工的視頻膠片電影為令人印象深刻的電影的任何人士的首選。可以進行理想的剪輯,製作特殊效果和三維立體變換並且可以創建你自己的音軌。一個集成的 CD & DVD 製作實用工具使得該軟件可以簡單製作動畫章節菜單,就像在 DVD 視頻上看到的那樣,並且可以把你的記憶卡上的內容錄製到 CD & DVD 上。
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium v18.x (x64) | 
Movie Edit Pro Premium turns your camera footage into high-quality movies. And with access to the best tools and features money can buy, you can edit and optimize your videos with confidence whether you're a pro or just getting started.

One of a kind. Fast. 
Featuring a range of automatic program wizards Import, optimize, edit — the fastest way to start making your own movies. Generate movies automatically or manually create your own. High-speed results, each and every time.

One of a kind. 
Easy. Bring your vision to life Set the order you want your footage to appear in and keep only the best scenes. With storyboard or timeline mode.

One of a kind. Deluxe. 
With up to 1,500 effects The right effects for every occasion, from family party videos to travel vlogs. High-quality effects designed to bring out the best in your movies.

Special effects 
Put your videos in the spotlight with a selection of impressive lens flares and lighting effects.

Plus effects package 
Get access to the latest effects in the Movie Edit Pro store and keep your footage on the cutting edge.

Image stabilization
Easily turn even the shakiest of footage into perfectly stable shots. With proDAD Mercalli V2 image stabilization.

Smooth proxy editing 
Easily edit high-resolution footage up to 4K with super smooth proxy editing.

Multicam editing 
Edit footage using up to 4 different camera angles to ensure you capture the best side of each shot. Now featuring simultaneous editing.

Shot match
Apply the look of your best scenes to all your footage for an automatic visual upgrade. Fully automatic functionality with a single click.

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