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FileLocator Pro 8.5 Build 2874 Multilingual
FileLocator Pro 是一款專業的文件搜索軟件,它內置了多種靈活的搜索規則來快速定位文件,如邏輯判斷、通配符、正則表達式、日期/屬性等,內置腳本支持可以實現更複雜的搜索操作,搜索結果也可保存為 Text、CSV、XML/HTML 等格式存檔。

在文件名搜索方面,已經有很多工具都做的很出色了,如 Everything、淘奇桌面、Quick Search 等,但文件名的信息畢竟有限,有時還是很需要全文搜索,直接搜索、定位文件中的內容,FileLocator 在全文搜索方面做的比較強大,主要的特色是無需建立索引即可快速全文搜索,支持 Office、PDF 等大部分文檔格式和壓縮格式。
通過安裝 Microsoft 篩選包,FileLocator Pro 即能額外支持全文搜索 .docx、.docm、.pptx、.pptm、.xlsx、.xlsm、.xlsb、.zip、.one、.vdx、.vsd、.vss、.vst、.vdx、.vsx 和 .vtx 等格式。

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro 

Professional file searching software, with a powerful combination of features not found in any other file searching product.
Immediate results
Review highlighted keywords and surrounding text so you don't need to waste time opening each file looking for the right information.

Document browsing
- Different views allow you to see just the hits or the hits highlighted in the context of the whole file.
- Includes syntax highlighting for easier reading of source code, supports most programming languages

Hundreds of formats
Whether your information is stored in a PDF file, Office document, or archived in a ZIP file FileLocator Pro will dig it out.

Outlook searching
Search through emails, contacts, calendar items over multiple PST files in one go.


Boolean simplicity
Pinpoint searching using the familiar AND, OR, and NOT operators as well as the advanced LIKE, NEAR and REGEX extensions.

Search navigation
Compare results by moving back or forth between recent searches.

File lists
Use text file based keyword lists for quickly searching different categories.

Tabbed searching
Keep multiple searches and documents open at the same time using the tabbed UI.

French and German translations 
Work faster by having FileLocator Pro in the language most comfortable for you.

Frequently used searches can be saved as favorites for fast loading.

Printing and Exporting
Share your results with others using the printing and exporting features.

Customizable exporting
Export formats can be customized with XSL Templates.

Fast multi-threaded searching 
Highly efficient search algorithms mean that you spend less time waiting for results.

Developer support
Search engine API available for integration with 3rd party apps.

Explorer integration
Drag/drop and context menu integration with Explorer and other compatible apps.

Search logic can be extended using JScript, VBScript or any other Active scripting language.

Regular expressions
Support for regular expressions on file name, contents, and directory level matching.

Deep search 
Search not just the document text but the underlying raw file data.

Preview images within the program.

External editor integration
Open files in 3rd party external editor or Visual Studio.

Relative Date/Time searching
- Date/time criteria can be specified in relative terms, e.g.
- "Start of month +2 weeks -1 day"

Command line operation 
Automate searches using the command line features.

Supports Windows XP and higher
Works with Windows XP/SP3/2003/Vista/2008/7/8

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