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UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 中英文正式註冊版-文本編輯器
想要取代記事本或正在尋找一款強大的文本編輯器?UltraEdit 正是您需要的產品。UltraEdit 功能全面,使用方便,是理想的文本、十六進制、HTML、PHP、Java、Javascript、Perl 和程序編輯器。UltraEdit 擁有將近 2,000,000 個用戶,銷量居全世界第一,是最強大的一款超值文本編輯器!

它是多面手和易使用的。 UltraEdit為輸入,編輯文本和代碼特別地設計, UltraEdit支持配置高亮語法和幾乎所有編程語言的代碼結構。它清楚的佈局和強大的項目和工作區功能,它可能處理複雜和高深的軟件開發項目。 儘管UltraEdit有廣泛的功能, UltraEdit從未感到壓抑。 定製,處理超出4GB文件是靈活和容易的,並且優美的用戶界面提供容易進入的大部分重要選項。

UltraEdit橫跨各個行業的使用,從專業作家、研究員和新聞工作者到高級程序員,數據庫管理人和網絡開發商。 由於它能同時處理多個文件,大文件處理,強大的搜索/查找/替換功能,拼寫檢查通用性等等。數以萬計的人使用UltraEdit作為強大的windows 筆記本替換,更多的人使用它作為文本編輯器。


支持在所有 32 位 Windows 平台上進行 64 位文件處理(標準)。
Unicode 支持
基於磁盤的文本編輯和大文件處理 – 支持超過 4GB 的文件,即使是數兆字節的文件也只佔用極少的內存
帶有 100,000 個單詞的拼寫檢查器,支持的語種包括英語(美國)、英語(英國)、荷蘭語、芬蘭語、法語、德語、匈牙利語、意大利語、西班牙語和瑞典語
語法加亮 – 可配置,對 C/C++、VB、HTML、Java 和 Perl 作了預配置,並帶有特殊選項用於 FORTRAN 和 LaTex。多個詞語文件可供下載
內置 FTP 客戶端以訪問 FTP 服務器,可設置多個賬戶,並自動登錄和保存。(僅 32 位)包括 SFTP(SSH2)支持
SSH/Telnet 窗口
環境選擇器 – 提供預定義的或用戶創建的編輯“環境”,能記住 UltraEdit 的所有可停靠窗口、工具欄等的狀態,方便用戶使用。
十六進制編輯器可以編輯任何二進制文件,並顯示二進制和 ASCII 視圖
HTML 工具欄,對常用的 HTML 功能作了預配置
Google 搜索
Yahoo 搜索
Network Solutions Whois 搜索 搜索
MSDN 在線搜索
與 UltraSentry 集成(可選)以安全地銷毀原始未加密文件
僅在 UltraEdit 內解密文件
與 UltraSentry 集成,以安全刪除 UltraEdit 臨時文件。
支持多字節和集成的 IME
UltraEdit v25.20 Changes (2018-09-18)

Markdown support
Preview Markdown files (via Coding » Live preview or Browser view)
Preview is compatible with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)
Select different styles for Markdown rendering (or add your own)
Special Markdown syntax highlighting (with new MARKDOWN_LANG) language marker
Support for embedded HTML highlighting
Live HTML preview
Split window with code view and browser view
Code changes (saved and unsaved) are automatically updated in browser view
Position sync: Double-click on element in preview to jump to its location in source
Configure under Advanced » Settings » Editor » XML / HTML / Markdown
Updated HTML rendering component to support modern HTML / CSS / JS
Added support for copying (via Ctrl + C) selected text
Save state
Close UltraEdit without being prompted to save anything, then pick up where you left off – unsaved changes are restored
Works for local, network, FTP, and even unsaved “Edit” files
Prefer prompts to save? Disable this feature under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options
Close unsaved Edit files with no prompt to save
This optional feature can be set under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options
Improved file tab handling on startup
Changed default temporary file location
Many fixes and internal improvements
UltraEdit v25.10 Changes (2018-06-07)

Code folding enhancements
“Peek” at folded code (hover over “…” to see preview of collapsed text in a tooltip)
Ctrl + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all sub-nodes of that node
Alt + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all folding nodes in the active file
Expand / collapse code from any line within folding section (not just first line)
Full Unicode support in wordfiles
Create wordfiles containing Unicode characters
Wordfiles can be saved as ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16, with or without BOM
Use Unicode characters in keywords, comment characters, indent/unindent strings, brace matching, more…
New “/Word Select Include” wordfiles setting for overriding delimiters for navigating / selecting
Allows you to set override default delimiters on a per-language basis
For example, /Word Select Include = $ would cause the “$” symbol to be included when double-clicking a word to select
This would also cause Ctrl + Left / Right Arrow to skip “$” (instead of stopping on it)
Delimiter based sort
Specify delimiter to sort by field (instead of specific column numbers)
Makes IP address sort possible
Faster brace / tag matching in source with very long lines
“Filter on selection” switches to “Clear filter” when toggled on
UltraEdit v25.00 Changes (2018-03-12)

Collapsible Find in Files results for output window (per file)
Find in files results highlighting in output window
Highlighting for matches, file path / name, line number, text, and more
Modify colors in new “Output” tab in theme manager
New spell checker based on Windows API
Replaces Aspell on Windows 8.1 and later (Windows 7 will still use Aspell)
Supports all encodings, including Unicode formats
Language support based upon installed languages on Windows
Supports filters for strings, comments, HTML, and XML
Bookmark enhancements
New bookmark gutter (right side of line numbers)
Ability to click in bookmark gutter to toggle bookmarks
Access special bookmark context menu by right-clicking bookmark gutter
Optionally disable bookmark gutter
New “Open folder” option in Explorer context menu
Selected folder set as root in file view “Explorer” pane
Selected folder set as “Find in files” and “File open” default directories
Internally refactored UTF-8 handling
Greatly improved editing for multi-byte ANSI formats (mostly Asian fonts / scripts)
Better display of non-Latin characters in UTF-8 files
Better handling of column editing with special characters in UTF-8 files
UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion in memory – avoids conversion of temp file (or file on disk if temp files disabled)
New “Filter on selection” in Home tab to show only lines in file containing selected text
Ability to add macros or scripts to toolbar, ribbon, or context menu
Key mapping, toolbar / ribbon support for “Save and upload to server” for FTP-linked files
New “Automatically upload saved files” option to FTP-linked folder context menu (Project tab)
Ability to customize tags inserted by HTML toolbar buttons
Ability to set output encoding for user tools (ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16)
Better folder pickers for Find in Files, projects, etc.
Much more responsive XML / JSON manager trees, especially with large structures and data
Greatly improved performance for files opened from slow network or VPN
Other minor fixes, improvements, and enhancements