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教程-CGMasters – The Animation Primer
CGMasters – The Animation Primer

Animation Primer
Blender Certified Trainer Lee Salvemini presents a complete learning path to master animation in this new course, The Animation Primer!

Check out what’s featured in this course:
See a completed animation from start to finish!
All footage recorded and catered to the learning path with a theory and practice section for each Techniques Modules
I take it slowly the first couple of times I introduce a new technique with a full explanation. I’ll move through known techniques faster in later chapters so you don’t have things happen too fast or slow!
All chapters include .blend files of examples, and a full set of stepped .blend files for the follow along animation, so you can research and join in at any checkpoint.
Features many production tricks used to pump out high quality animation while being under pressure, or working on your own personal/hobby project.
Animation ready character model ‘Alvant’ and body/facial rig included under the Creative Commons license.
Follow from Character Creation Volume I, II & III, or start your journey here with the pre-made character ‘Alvant’. Learn from the very start of animation and work up to creating smooth, powerful and believable animated shots, without that feeling that you’re fighting the tools or struggling to get nice fluid motions. Each chapter will cover tools and techniques that will shortcut your learning curve, catered to contain over 10 years of animation experience in one comprehensive course. This is a fantastic reference kit for animation that should serve you throughout your journey!